Just a FEW places Commander Z likes to Surf



Here is where you will find anything you wanted to know about the BRP Spyders


Bombardier Recreational Products Fun the Way it Was Meant To Be

BRP Spyder

Yamaha Sleds

Polaris Sleds

Arctic Cat Sleds


This is where you will find Z on Sunday mornings (especially when the snow is melted). Yes believe it or not there are more important things then sledding.


Here is a guy who has done everything you always wanted to but were afraid to. Check out Andy's  Fire chicken. Nice ride!


Snowmobiling Ontario Style Snow & Trail Conditions


Yahoo Canada!


Music Out Your Ears .MP3's


Hot Spring Spas



What does Z do for a living you may ask?


This is what Z drives when he is not zooming across the snow! Check out the new 2009 Jetta's  for yourself (now 140Hp and better then 55mpg!!!)

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