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This is the site of choice... for the wild wonderful world of sledding.

From here you can see the adventures of Indy Limo , Commander Z, Mrs. Z, Smorg-Boy, Tree Hugger John, the Flying Dutchmen and Hollywood. 

WOW December 2009 started out slow not much snow around home this year. Hope 2010 brings us some big snow falls to kick the year off.

Also there are some helpful link's to other sites of interest (in Other Fun) for you sled heads.


This is how Commander Z the "Rocketeer" all got started....         

TOO MUCH FUN!!! (The Z machine sits like this till about 100mph) 800cc's, 3 cylinder liquid cooled, 3 pipes and 154 hp...        
Here is a picture of Smorg Boy at about 70mph giving the Z a go like a pro! (no clutch no gears here.... Smorg loves it)

Zup.jpg (182534 bytes)  Click on picture to see larger version

Classic 2.jpg (397803 bytes)   Click on picture to see larger version

Indy Limo used to ride by himself or brings the whole family!!! He is always comfortable with his 500cc's of liquid luxury cruising. The Ski-Roule has room for 2-3 and they have a AM / FM Cassette. Indy sold the Ski-Roule in 2007 when he bought a sweet 600 Edge with a air suspension to cushion his tush.



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